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Top 5 Reasons Why I Decided To Get Laser Hair Removal

Let’s be frank since we’re friends. My hair grows in SO thick! I feel like I have very coarse, thick hair known to man! Last year, I decided I finally wanted to do something about it. I was so tired of spending so much money, time, energy, et cetera, on hair removal. Deciding to get laser hair removal was the best decision of 2020.

The decision didn’t come lightly. I spent a lot of time researching the right place to have the removal done. If anyone tells you all laser hair removal places are the same, run in the other direction! The reputation of the brand you select to work with is so important when making your selection. I couldn’t be happier that I decided to embark on my hair-free journey with Milan Laser!

Saving Money: 

I wish I would’ve decided to get laser hair removal sooner! On average, people spend hundreds of dollars each year on hair removal products. When I thought about it, I realized I was spending so much money on razors, shaving creams, waxing, tweezing, you name it; I bought it with the hope of eliminating hair, only to have it grow back. With the laser hair removal treaments, I will be done with all that!

Eliminate ingrown hairs: 

Due to my hair texture (type-c curly), I have always struggled with ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are unsightly, but more importantly, they can present the risk of infection! Thanks to laser hair removal, I will no longer have to deal with hairs growing inward back into my skin!

Saving Time: 

Stop and think about how many areas on your body you have to shave! Between my bikini line, legs, upper lip, underarms, it’s exhausting and beyond time-consuming! I love going to the gym and being able to raise my arms without the fear that I’ve forgotten to shave! It’s beyond liberating!

Confidence Boost: 

When I would over-shave my underarms, the skin would darken. I would feel so embarrassed and ashamed. Like some women, I sometimes have a few dark hairs that grow on my upper lip. Sometimes I would forget to shave and noticed later on while my Hubby and I were already at an event or out to dinner. I felt so self-conscious. Thanks to Milan Laser, my confidence improved by getting rid of hair from that unwanted area. 

Smooth Skin: 

I’ve gotten laser hair removal on my upper lip, butt (yep!), lower legs, and underarms! I plan on getting my bikini line and upper lip done at some point! I love how smooth my skin feels! As I mentioned earlier, my hair texture is very prone to curling back in and causing ingrown hairs. With laser hair removal, I don’t experience it anymore! Goodbye hairs and hello silky smooth skin!

Milan Laser has multiple locations in 23 different states! What does that mean for you? That you can probably find a location near you and start your hair-free journey too! When you’re ready, visit your local Milan Laser and give them the code “EVERYDAYCONNOR” to save 60% off an area!

*The code does not apply to their full-body package because it is already discounted.

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