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Pitching To Brands: Email Signature Anatomy

When pitching to brands, an email signature is one of the most overlooked components. Before they even look at your attachments like your media kit, rate sheet, etc., the brand will look at your email signature. The email signature space is your opportunity to provide a quick “blurb” about yourself. It should be as personal yet professional as possible.

There are a few KEY things your email signature should ALWAYS include:

  • First and Last Name
  • Attributes – who are you?
  • Links to Social Media Channels
  • Email Address
  • Website/Blog

Email signature essential #1 : PHOTO OF YOURSELF

I like to include a photo of myself in my email signature. It’s a wonderful way to set yourself apart from other people who are pitching. Plus, PR agencies, etc., receive many emails during the day. They are also working on several different collaborations. So adding a photo helps to personalize your email further, and it helps to “jog” their memory as they respond to you.

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You would be surprised by how many brands have told me that they’ve declined to work with various influencers, bloggers, and creatives because they forgot to include their names in their email signature.

It’s essential to include your full legal name. Doing so helps the brand, PR agency, company, etc., know who sent the email.

Email signature essential #3 : YOUR ATTRIBUTES

Who are you? A blogger? Influencer? Listing your attributes lets the brand quickly see who you are and how you identify yourself. For example, I am an influencer, influencer coach, and blogger. So right off the bat, the company or brand knows what I do. 

By labeling myself as an influencer in the email signature, they know I’m someone who can collaborate with brands. By including an influencer coach, the brand knows I am knowledgeable about the influencer space. Finally, by identifying myself as a blogger, the company can recognize that I have a blog. 

These are little things that can help the reader understand who you are, what you do, and what you can bring to the table. Of course, the content you produce will show them, but I love to give people a sneak peek!

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Taking the time to include a direct link to your various channels is especially important when you ask a brand to consider you for a collaboration or partnership. Remember – Brands receive several emails during the day. Therefore, your goal is to quickly make it as easy as possible for them to access your blog, social media channels, etc.

Pro Tip: 

Your email signature should match the overall aesthetic of your blog, social media channels, and brand. Use the same fonts, colors, etc., that you would use when creating content for your channels. Not only does it show brands that you are someone who pays attention to details, but it also lets them know that you value brand consistency.

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  • Test your links beforehand!
  • Ask yourself – Does my email signature appropriately convey all of the relevant and necessary information?
  • Personalize it! Your signature SHOULD MATCH your brand! – Brand consistency is everything.

For more tips, templates, and how I earned 10k in a month from collabs, check out my course, From Pitch to Paid!

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