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I help badass female influencers, creators, & entrepreneurs optimize their influence, work with brands & create stunning content.

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I am passionate about helping truly amazing and authentic people on social media reach their full potential by connecting them with like-minded brands!

Together we'll incorporate strategy with your authenticity! You can literally have it all!

Social media strategy + Consulting

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Start your journey off on the right foot, and with all the right tools. This course bundle will guide you through brand collaboration basics, crafting your unique proposal (a.k.a. your pitch), convert gifted collabs to paid collabs through negotiations, how to manage the collab project so your deals are on repeat, and a few things on the legal side to watch out for.

I'm a frequent speaker at both in person and virtual events on topics surrounding the influencer industry, social media engagement, affiliate sales, and personal growth. I'd be happy to discuss your opportunity + send you my reel!

100% allergic to gatekeeping...

Sorry friends! There's no gatekeeping here. Everyone is welcome to sit at my table. Ready to pitch to brands? I'll help you. Need someone to teach you how to negotiate your collabs? Let's do it!


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