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Hiking Diamond Head on Oahu

Let’s take a hike – hiking Diamond Head is one of the most recognized landmarks on Oahu, and the views are Pinterest-worthy!

As we climbed, we were surrounded by breathtaking scenic views of Honolulu and the pacific ocean!

The hiking trail is about 1.6 miles long – round trip but can be challenging for many due to the steep incline. It will take about 1.5-2 hours to climb, depending on crowd levels, weather, etc.

If you plan to be on the island of Oahu for at least four days, I would consider budgeting some time to do the hike.

Here are a few tips to consider when climbing Diamond Head:

1) Make a reservation in advance – Out-of-state visitors must make a reservation to secure their hiking time. They can be created up to 14 days in advance. It costs $10 per person, and parking is an extra $10 if you’re able to get a spot close to the entrance. If not, don’t worry! They have a 5 car parking lot just outside of the tunnel and a 50+ car lot about a block or two past the tunnel.

2) Go as early as possible – The Diamond Head hike was one of the most memorable hikes we went on! I highly recommend taking this hike bright and early to avoid the heat and the crowds. We got there at 5:45 and were on the trail by 6! It was so enjoyable! Bonus: The parking lot isn’t very large – the earlier you’re able to go, the better your chances are to be able to park in the Diamond Head parking lot.

3) Sunscreen – Sunscreen is a MUST! I’m a huge fan of Supergoop, and I wear them daily! I use their sunscreen stick and unseen screen the most! I like to think of the unseen screen as a makeup primer, it’s so smooth, and the coverage isn’t oily or tacky. It was the perfect sun-care protectant for hiking Diamond Head.

4) Great walking shoes – The hubby and I are huge fans of On Running shoes. We wanted to travel light and found the coolest walking shoes on Amazon! Initially, we thought we would just use them for our waterfall hike, but we ended up wearing them on ALL of our hikes! They were very light, easy to clean, and VERY comfortable.

5) Water – Hydration is important, and water on any hike is a must, especially where there is little to no shade. We saw people with camelbacks, traditional water bottles, etc.

6) Fanny Pack – I am a huge fan of the belt bags from Lululemon! This was so helpful to my hike. I could easily put sunscreen, GoPro, iPhone, and other miscellaneous items. This was perfect for hiking Diamond Head because it allowed me to keep my hands free and quickly snap photos or videos.

Bonus: GoPro, Camera, or Phone – Don’t forget to take a moment to capture the beautiful views around you.

Save this for later, and add Diamond Head to your list of must-see places!

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