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Louis Vuitton Bum Bag Review

When choosing a bag, I’m someone who will look up photos on Pinterest, watch reviews on YouTube, and even visit the store to see it up close. If you’ve followed my Instagram for any length of time, you already know Louis Vuitton bags are my weakness. From the Neverfull to the Pochette Metis, I’m obsessed with LV.

I have a “deal” with my husband that I can add one new LV to my collection each year. With the growing number of classic monogram bags I have, I knew I wanted to add one more before switching to the empire print. The Louis Vuitton Bum Bag was the PERFECT final addition to my classic monogram collection.


This bag is one of the most versatile bags LV offers. You can opt for the classic fanny pack look and wear it around your waist. When fanny packs started making a comeback in 2019, many people began wearing their waist packs like a crossbody bag. Finally, you can also throw the strap over your shoulder like a one-strap shoulder bag.


The bag has two pockets – the main compartment and a hidden pocket on the exterior. The main compartment is HUGE! I was hesitant to get the bag at first because I didn’t feel like I would have enough space to hold my essentials. But, I can happily tell you I was wrong. To give you a bit of perspective, if you take a large ziplock bag and fill it to the brim, that’s the amount of space you’ll have in the main compartment of the bum bag. Of course, I would never recommend storing liquids in the bag for obvious reasons, but I have to make an exception to hand sanitizer. Even then, I normally put it in a snack-sized ziplock bag for added protection. The hidden pocket located on the back of the bag is perfect for things you need to access quickly or frequently. I usually use the pocket for my iPhone, wallet, or credit card. It’s not deep enough to hold too much more.


I love classic and iconic designs. Think of the Bum Bag as a high-end, very expensive fanny pack – it’s classic and won’t go out of style. I love that LV creates these unique, trendy designs, but I’m just not someone who gravitates towards the “seasonal” bags. Knowing that fanny packs are just a timeless accessory was reason enough to opt for the Bum Bag.


The design of the bag makes it easy to maneuver. For example, as much as I love my Neverfull, it’s HUGE and can be very difficult to manage in tight spaces. I usually hit someone or something due to how big and bulky it is. The Bum Bag is essentially attached to your body like a kangaroo pouch. I was caught in the rain the other day (any LV bag owner’s nightmare regarding water stains). Since the Bum Bag is so compact, I protected my bag and fully zipped my rain jacket without any issue.

I’ve wanted the Louis Vuitton Bum Bag for the last two years, but finding one was very hit or miss due to high demand, covid, etc. But I couldn’t be happier that I decided to pull the trigger.

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