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The Diver – The Best Chicago Tacos

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays! Whenever I’m back in town, one of my go-to places to visit in Chicago is The Diver. Located at 601 N. Wells in Chicago, The Diver is a tropical escape to Latin America inspired by a beachside bungalow nestled somewhere along the coast. Their menu has something for everyone and features plenty of land and sea options. From ceviches to tacos and quesadillas, rest assured you’re going to leave The Diver happy and eager to return.

My go-to is their lobster tacos! Each order comes with two, and trust me when I say two was the perfect amount! You guys… they’re SO good! Picture this, chunks of lobster on a warm blue corn tortilla with garlic butter, sea salt, pico de Gallo, lemon zest, and avocado crema. These tacos just melt in your mouth. I always say that I’m happiest when eating, and I was so happy I started looking at my sister’s tacos, ha! Realistically, I probably could’ve eaten another taco, but definitely not a complete order.

I always opt to pair my tacos with The Diver’s sweet corn elotes – they’re to die for! The roasted corn is cooked in epazote herb, pepper, serene pepper, fresh lime, topped with chipotle crema, and served with delicious sea salt tortilla chips. It comes with enough that you can share it with a friend, but if you choose not to, the portions aren’t so overwhelming that you couldn’t eat it solo. Scooping the corn onto the chips was the perfect sweet and salty combo!

I am a sucker for The Diver’s handcrafted margaritas. The Picante is one of their signature drinks that has a really nice kick to it. I love that it has a nice blend of tequila, citrus, Chile serrano, and jalapeño syrup. The flavors do a really excellent job of complimenting one another.

Not only was their food and drinks excellent, but the overall ambiance of the restaurant was nothing short of a “Pinterest-worthy” restaurant. In addition, the space gives major boho vibes from the wallpaper to the tile and the stunning light fixtures throughout the room.

I recommend making reservations beforehand via the “Resy” app. It was such an easy app to navigate, and I love that they sent us reminders and a confirmation text the day of our reservation.

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