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A Weekend Trip to Marysville, Ohio

Disclosure: I was hosted by Ohio. Find it Here. and Visit Marysville to share my experience. All opinions are my own.

One of the many things I love about my relationship with my husband is that we never turn down a chance to explore new places. We try to plan frequent get-aways, and one thing we have learned so far is that not all trips need to be out-of-state. Some of the most beautiful places we have visited are located right in Ohio!

Have you ever visited a place for the first time and, immediately, it feels like home? That’s how my husband and I felt when we visited Marysville, Ohio in Union County. Located just 30 miles outside of Columbus, expect to see beautiful covered bridges, Instagrammable landscapes, and historic buildings whose walls you only wish could talk.

There are plenty of adventurous things to do in Union County!

Explore Uptown Marysville

The Historic Uptown District of Marysville is home to many beautiful family-owned boutiques, restaurants, and shops! 

Little Blue Boutique, Betsey’s Boutique, and Kendall & Blue offer visitors an opportunity to find fashionable clothing! Uptown Marysville has the cutest sweets shops like The Ribbon Box and Marysville Goodies Galore to satisfy your sweet cravings! Looking for something antique to add to your home? You have to head over to Plumm Home and Uptown Antiques.

After visiting a few boutiques, we strolled into Union Station 1820, a shop that supports Ohio-made products! It’s the perfect place to pick out a keepsake to remember your trip or a gift to share! With the holidays approaching, Union Station is the PERFECT place to find that “just right” gift!

Visit Marysville Ohio in Union County

Places to Dine in Marysville

Leon’s Garage 

As we drove down the main road and heading toward downtown Marysville, we heard live music coming from a bar and restaurant called Leon’s Garage, where we decided to stop in. The establishment looked brand new, and, by the looks of the crowd, it was a very popular spot.

The co-owner, Rick Crago, was kind enough to stop by to speak with us during dinner. Right away, he felt like a neighbor we’d known for years.

Rick, comes from a family of farmers that have been in Marysville for generations and couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming. During our conversation, I asked Rick why he chose to incorporate live music into the atmosphere at Leon’s Garage. He explained that music brings people together and provides an opportunity to leave their cares at the door. Rick’s roots run deep in Marysville, but he not only fully embraces its progression but he also continues to invest in it. As we continued our conversation, Rick spoke about Maryville’s history and shared his vision for the town’s future.

In alignment with that vision, Leon’s Garage is currently undergoing a HUGE expansion that will open in the Spring of 2022. Rick invited us to come back the following day to walk through the construction, and it was an offer we couldn’t resist.

I won’t spoil the surprises Rick and his team have planned, but I will say those who visit Leon’s Garage are in for a treat!

The night didn’t stop there. Rick encouraged us to stop by the business next door, another investment property of Rick and his business partner Bruce Daniels’, called the House of Spirits. This might have been our favorite stop of the trip!

House of Spirits

After dinner, we walked 500ft next door to The House of Spirits, a historic home listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Over the decades, the establishment has been reimagined several times, leading to its name “The House of Spirits.” 

Today the House of Spirits operates as a specialty cocktail and bourbon house. The house provides an intimate setting, and the decor is as timeless as the extensive bourbon collection displayed on the shelves. 

There we enjoyed a crash course in all things bourbon. We started with a tasting. Our bartender was a bourbon encyclopedia if I’ve ever met one! He took the time to explain the science, aging process, and sensory connection to the different “notes” you taste and smell while drinking bourbon.

Visit Marysville Ohio in Union County


Rollies brings the artisan style of rolled ice cream from Thailand to Marysville! Customers have a front-row seat as they watch their house cream transform into rolled ice cream! I opted for their “Honey . Berry . Dew” flavor, and it had the perfect mix of unique flavors! 

Rollies has one of the most Instagrammable murals in Marysville! The beautiful multicolored elephant greets you as you walk through the door! Be prepared to have a difficult time making up your mind, as everything on the menu looks fantastic!

Visit Marysville Ohio in Union County

Are you looking for a hot cup of coffee to start your day in Marysville? Head to The Coffee Hall & Creamery located in uptown Marysville! Also, The Half Pint & Mad Dogs are wonderful dining options to explore as the lunch and dinner hours approach!

Creative Activities in Marysville

Rustic Reflections

With various project options like DIY signs, wreaths, and doormats, Rustic Reflections offers many opportunities for creativity!

Before our class began, I explained my lack of artistic ability to Jessica, the owner. Jessica’s words of encouragement gave us the confidence to celebrate the imperfections of our design. 

With Fall right around the corner, naturally, we decided to make a 5ft “Happy Fall Y’all” sign to celebrate the changing season.

All of the materials are provided, including an apron to protect your clothes. This is the perfect activity for a date night, bachelorette stop, or if you’re looking for an opportunity to let your creative juices flow.

Anyone – literally anyone – can do this. Now excuse me while I go hang up my artwork.

Visit Marysville Ohio in Union County

Dine on a Covered Bridge – Pottersburg Bridge 

On Saturday evening, as we made our way to dinner, we embarked on a covered bridge tour through Union County. Jon and I are history buffs and were mesmerized as we learned the historical significance of each bridge.

As we approached Pottersburg Bridge, you could hear “oohs and ahhs” coming from the other passengers on our trolley. The scene looked as though it had been prepared for an HGTV photo shoot. Picture this: strands of gorgeous Edison lights strung from one end of the bridge to the other, setting the atmosphere for the enchanted evening to come. Now imagine walking towards a family-style table in the center of the bridge with beautiful gold chargers, sunflower centerpieces, and a stunning chandelier hanging overhead to illuminate the conversations you’ll have below. I expected Joanna Gains to walk out at any moment.

Who knew you could enjoy a beautiful dinner in the middle of a cornfield on a bridge? The musical ambiance was volleyed between the live band and the country sounds of crickets chirping to bid farewell to the perfect summer evening. Pottersbrurg Bridge provided the quintessential framework for the picturesque view of the cornstalks as they too swayed to the sounds of summer. 

We met the kindest people, visitors and locals alike, who were all so happy to have the opportunity to connect face to face. We traded stories about our first year of marriage, and many offered precious gems of wisdom from their own relationships. Although I’m not a native, I quickly felt at home. I highly encourage everyone to add the annual Dine on a Covered Bridge event to your calendar.

Visit Marysville Ohio in Union County

Here are the dates for next year’s events:


Friday, June 17

Saturday, June 18


Friday, July 15

Saturday, July 16


Friday, August 19

Saturday, August 20


Friday, September 16

Saturday, September 17

As you leave the town of Marysville, it’s as though you can hear the faint echoes of the lyrics from “Cheers,” and it seems as if you just left a place where everybody knows your name. Marysville is much more than a town; it’s a feeling, a community, and a family.

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